Friday, February 24, 2012

notes for a story

Tell a story about: Trees, flame, dreams, smoke.
Tell another story about: Trees, smoke, trout, the Aurora Borealis
Tell a story about: Strange lights, crackling sounds above the trees, the flash of a fish in
clear running water

Tell another story about: Dreams of light fish flashing through the northern sky
Tell a story about: Catching a fish
Tell another story about: Putting out the light


  1. Let's see if a Thoughtful Bastard can connect these dots back to the days of yore.

  2. I can tell a story about a campsite in a field and some strange clouds that turned out not to be. A bridge over a river of geese and bitter berries not at all like the razz or the blue. I have a picture of a hanging trout next to a knife if you don't believe me.