Thursday, November 1, 2012

we go up

“Now what?” Strep asked as Fiona picked up the bag by its handle. Her knuckle scraped against a flat piece of metal that seemed to fill most of the bag. She could hear what sounded like a box of matches in there too. It wasn’t that heavy, either. She handed it to Chance.

“We go up,” Chance said as he pushed through the hedge. “Up and over the top.”

“Everything’s over the top with him these days,” Dane muttered, but followed.

“Ever dutiful,” Fiona said to him as she climbed out of the well.

“And so are we,” Strep said.

Once passed the hedge, they stuck close to the wall. What little moon there was that night was on the other side of the building. Fiona could see the shadow of steeple on the edge of the parking lot, but what little light there was didn’t reach into the deep shadow along the wall. Fiona began to believe what Chance had said about the darkness being love. The shadow there kept them safe from the eyes of the party dudes; it must’ve loved them.

They edged along the wall until they reached an inside corner, where the wall of the parking lot entry met the wall of the hallway that led to the sanctuary.

“We need to grab the gutter and pull ourselves up,” Chance said. “Dane you go first.”


“Because you’re the strongest and quickest. You might need to help pull me up.”

“No,” Dane said. “Why do we need to pull ourselves up?”

“Because that’s the way in.”

“There’s a hole in the roof?” Strep asked.

“No hole, but we can get in from the courtyard.”

Fiona understood now. The church was built around a little courtyard full of decorative trees and plants; she’d always considered it the congregation’s own little Eden. Once they dropped down into it, they could go through the doors there and get wherever it was that Chance was taking them.

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