Sunday, March 11, 2012

squatch thoughts, too

fear tree dreams
Them trees are men, men. Listen! Men, not dreams, men.

Trees dream men. And you men people them twisted thickets with fear, the shadow of big feet, the murk and muck of men. Men dream monsters; treemares, men—holler that! Fear tree dreams, men. That’s you men, fear men. Holler fear!

And yet you men pour through them trees, men, water pounding over rock, you the water, and them bootfeet pound the home ground flat, men. Flat with fear, men, pound it flat. Look men, no foot, no print. Holler me, men, my home is not flat! Holler that!

Dream shadow feet among the trees, men. Find tracks in tree crowns, men, find them in roots. Measure track dreams in inches, men, measure them in plaster; men make yourselves in inches and plaster; men lose yourselves in inches and plaster. Lose yourself, men; lose fear dreams, lose inches, lose plaster. Lose yourself men. Find me.

track dreams, lose men

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