Wednesday, March 21, 2012

squatch thoughts, thurd

holler men
Crow call through tree crown, men. Crow holler, Men come! Crow holler again, Listen! Tip my chin to sky, men; turn one ear to the ground, men, turn one ear to the trees. Listen I do.

Trees I see, men; crow I hear. Tree crowns are green clouds, men, if you see them. Trees rise toward light, men, trees rise up.

Men seek monsters; you seek me. Yet, men are monsters, men. Seek yourself. Kill six million, men; kill twenty million, men; kill thirty-eight, men. You count them, men, you measure them, but still men, more men pile up. Monsters. Shake my head, men.

Men, crow holler. Men!

You men are all dead, I holler, all dead. Listen men! Moving toward it always, men. Moving under tree crowns, beneath crow call, men, walking toward it, the long dark, men, toward your own death, men. Away from the light, men. Away from it.

crow that
Listen! Trees stay put, men, trees seek light. Listen to them trees, men. Listen: Stay put, men, rise to the light! Holler that!

Leave tree crown to crow, men; leave bog to me. Leave them big foot prints on the ground, men. Leave, men, leave. Listen!

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